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    Omayi Black Pepper - 黑胡椒粒
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    Omayi Black Pepper - 黑胡椒粒

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    Brand: Omayi
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    Omayi Black Pepper - 黑胡椒粒

    Hailed as ‘My Master Spice’, pepper is one of the most ancient spices. In the world of cooking, pepper is a pearl in the eyes of a chef.

    Originated from South-east Asia, pepper is now widely planted in tropical countries, including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brazil and so on that represent major pepper exporters.
    Malaysia is one of the leading producers of pepper in the world, and Sarawak pepper is the most well-known native product worldwide. According to official data, Malaysia ranks as one of the world’s top pepper producer, reaping hundreds of millions of Ringgit from this single produce alone, making it an important native product of Malaysia.

    Adequate rain and fertile soil generates high quality pepper in Sarawak, which exports white and black pepper, traditionally processed, to all parts of the world, winning global fame and renown in the process.

    For the sake of this unique native product, the Sarawak government has specially established the Malaysia Pepper Promotion Bureau to research on new product development, promote pepper’s diverse uses, and enhance the business opportunity of pepper via diversified processing methods.

    Pepper, containing pepper alkaloids and volatile oils, gives a mild, hot taste. It has the wonderful effect of displacing ‘wind’ and removing unwanted ‘moisture’ from the body. In every country, whether cold or hot and humid, pepper is popularly consumed to expel the chilly feeling of ‘cold and moisture’. It readily refreshes and whets the appetite.

    In Western medicine, pepper is used as a stomachic agent, an antipyretic agent, a diuretic and bronchial mucosal irritant etc. to improve dyspepsia, cold phlegm, cough, intestinal inflammation, bronchitis, cold and rheumatism. It is also used as a preservative in the food industry.

    “胡椒”享有“至尊香料”(My Master Spice)的美誉,是最古老的调味香料,也是古往今来全球厨师首选,在烹饪的世界,胡椒被厨师的眼中有如珍珠。
    胡椒性味辛温, 含有胡椒脂碱及挥发油等,其驱寒驱风去湿的奇妙功效,无论身处寒冷或酷热潮湿的地方,多以胡椒佐食,可以驱走寒气湿气烦闷感,令人精神为之一振,胃口大开。