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    Cyber Tyre Shine (150ml)
    RM  11.30  7.90   30%  
    Cyber Car Seat Headrest Hook
    RM  9.90  6.90   30%  
    Star99 Wash & Wax Car Shampoo (1000ml)
    RM  9.30  6.50   30%  
    PolyStar Multi Shine (500ml)
    RM  9.90  6.90   30%  
      CNY Crunchy Bite Yam Biscuit (468g) X 3 Packs
      • Comes in 3 Packs.
      • Yam Flavour.
      • Halal Food.
      • Product of Malaysia.
      • Suitbale for Any Party.
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      CNY Salty Egg Biscuits Crispy & Crunchy (438g) X 3 Packs
      • Comes in 3 Packs.
      • Salty Taste.
      • Crispy & Crunchy.
      • Freshly Baked.
      • Halal Foods
      • Suitable for Any Party.
      • Product of Malaysia.

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      CNY Cheese Salty Cookies (380g) X 3 Packs
      • Comes in 3 Packs.
      • Cheese Cookies.
      • Rich of Cheese As You Like.
      • Suitable for Any Party.
      • Halal Foods.
      • Product of Malaysia.
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      Cyber Ultimate Car Care Bundle Deal (FREE Contour Washing Sponge)
      • Cyber Wash & Wax Car Shampoo (1000ml)
      • Cyber Premium Polish Car & Motorcycle (200g)
      • Cyber Windscreen Clean & Coat 2 in 1 (100ml)
      • Cyber Tyre Shine (150ml)
      • Cyber Head Lamp Polisher (175ml)
      • Cyber Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes (10pcs) X 1 Pack
      • FREE Cyber Contour Washing Sponge (18cm x 10cm x 4cm)
      RM87.20  53.90   38%
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      Autosol Bundle Deal with FREE Nietz N10 Multi-Purpose Lubricant
      • CLEAN, RESTORE, POLISHES all metal to a brilliant finish
      • Rust and tarnishing.
      • Protect against future rust and tarnishing
      • Highly concentrated liquid is EASY to apply
      • Total 150ml
      • 250gm
      • More than 80 years of experience - guaranteed quality.
      • Natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.
      • Autosol supplies renowned car manufacturers.
      • Our products win tests and prices on a regular basis, find out for yourself.
      • Specially developed for domestic requirements.
      • Vigorously removes dirt as well as oily and greasy residues.
      • Ideal for stainless steel surfaces, brushed surfaces, enamelled metal surfaces, and non-ferrous metals on vehicles.
      • Suitable for industrial and domestic processing areas.
      • Approved for use in food preparation areas.
      RM115.20  75.90   34%
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      [Best Buy] Galaxy Waterproof Solution Spray 400ml (2 Cans)
      • Easy, Fast and Efficient
      • The way to fix a toilet leak 
      • Invisible
      • Low odour
      • No sticky
      • Anti-fungus
      • Suitablefor interior and exterior use
      • Provides excellent water proofing.
      • Seals voids, cracks and capillaries
      • It is specially formulated with nano molecules material, which ensure deep panetration into substrate.
        Solution will form very strong chemical bonds to provide excellent waterproofing, water beading and
        permeability to water vapor.
      • It has very good stability to UV lights therefore can be use for exterior and interior.
      • Only can be sent within Peninsular Malaysia.
      RM111.60  75.90   32%
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