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    Happy Marshmallow Candy (100g)
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      Happy Marshmallow Candy (100g)

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      Brand: Crown A
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      Happy Marshmallow Candy (100g)


      Happy Marshmallow Candy offers you a tasty treat and peace of mind. That's because they're made with simply, all natural. Enjoy Happy Marshmallow Candy in cute shape candy such as watermelon, rolls, or hear straight out of the bag.


      • Halal Certified
      • Made In Malaysia
      • Cute Art Package
      • Tempting Shape Marshmallow

      Storage information:

      • Avoid rays of sunlight
      • Do not store product in a hot environment
      • Do not consume product if the package is damaged or holed
      • Caps should be shut tightly after opening to avoid staled condition


      • Sugar
      • Glucose syrup
      • Water
      • Dextrose
      • Beef Gelatine
      • Corn starch
      • Artificial flavours
      • Artificial colours