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    Galaxy Waterproof Solution Spray (400ml)
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    Galaxy Waterproof Solution Spray (400ml)

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    SKU: GWS-400A
    Weight: 400 grams
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    Brand: Galaxy
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    • Easy, Fast and Efficiency

    • The way to fix a toilet leak 

    • Invisible

    • Low odour

    • No sticky

    • Anti-fungus

    • Suitablefor interior and exterior use

    • Provides excellent water proofing.

    • Seals voids, cracks and capillaries

    • It is specially formulated with nano molecules material, which ensure deep panetration into substrate.
      Solution will form very strong chemical bonds to provide excellent waterproofing, water beading and
      permeability to water vapor.

    • It has very good stability to UV lights therefore can be use for exterior and interior.

    • Only can be sent within Peninsular Malaysia.