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    Cyber Steering Wheel Lock (1Kg) : JD-G0102

    Cyber Steering Wheel Lock (1Kg) : JD-G0102

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    SKU: JD-G0102
    Weight: 1 kg, 10 grams
    Stock: Out of stock

    Brand: Cyber Auto Care
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    • High quality
    • High grade
    • This Heavy duty car lock has unique cross-key design
    • Fits most steering wheels even steering wheels with air bags
    • Install in seconds - Disables steering
    • It has vinyl coated to protect interior and is compact for easy storage
    • Steering wheel can’t be fully turned with the hardened steel
    • Steering wheel immobilizer locked in position
    • Key design is almost impossible to duplicate.
    • Lock tumbler are virtually pick-proof.