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    Coconut Pineapple Biscuits (1.5kg) : YTCP-1.5K
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    Coconut Pineapple Biscuits (1.5kg) : YTCP-1.5K

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    SKU: YTCP-1.5K
    Weight: 1 kg, 500 grams
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    Brand: VFoods
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    Coconut Pineapple Biscuits


    Coconut Pineapple one of the many snacks every Malaysian adults know, the biscuit is perfect to reminisce your childhood and to recall the awesome flavor you once had before when you were a kid. The wafers are stacked one after another fully utilizing every space of each wafer. So you get to fully experience the crispiness and pleasure pandan that are awaiting you.


    • Viral In Social Media
    • Nostalgic Malaysian Food
    • Easy To Store And Access
    • Halal Certified
    • Delicious Biscuits
    • Durable Tin Case
    • Great For Sharing 
    • Crispy And Melty

    Storage information:

    • Avoid rays of sunlight
    • Do not store product in a hot environment
    • Do not consume product if the package is damaged or holed
    • Caps should be shut tightly after opening to avoid staled condition


    • Wheat flour
    • Sugar
    • Butter
    • Palm oil
    • Pineapple Jam

    Net weight: 1.5kg