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    Buick Long Shackle Cr Padlock ( (40mm) )
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      Buick Long Shackle Cr Padlock ( (40mm) )

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      Brand: Buick
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      • 100% Original VESION branded
      • Anti Rust Components
      • Picking Resistance
      • Stainless Steel Shackle
      • Hammer Resistance
      • Anti Allenkey Bend
      • Suitable for Home
      • Suitable for SHIP / BOAT
      • Suitable for MOTORCYCLE
      • High quality long shackle padlock with multiple security features meant for use when a regular shackle size is insufficient.
      • This lock is anti-allenkey bend, picking resistant and has anti-rust capabilities. Both the shackle and double ball are made of stainless steel with a solid brass cylinder.