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    Yusa Green Peas Cookies (250g) : YUSA-Y-GPC
    RM  46.70  28.00   40%  
    Yusa Dark Choc Chips (450g) : YUSA-Y-DCC
    RM  46.70  28.00   40%  
    Yusa Cadbury Cookies (250g) : YUSA-Y-CC
    RM  46.70  28.00   40%  
    Yusa Belgium Cookies (250g) : YUSA-Y-BGC
    RM  46.70  28.00   40%  
    Cosmoderm Gentle Cleansing Milk (100ml)
    RM  30.40  24.30   20%  
    Safi Rania Gold Serum (20ml)
    RM  45.70  36.50   20%  

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    HomeX Zen Support Latex Pillow, P5
    RM  282.00  198.00   30%  
    HomeX Durian Latex Pillow, P6
    RM  282.00  198.00   30%  
    HomeX Kid Pillow, P1
    RM  257.00  180.00   30%  
    Giraffe Doll Pillow : PD02
    RM  326.00  228.00   30%  

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