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    Safi Rania Gold Serum (20ml)
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    Asam Kiwi Kering 1000g
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    Asam Masam Manis X 5 Packs
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    "Health Is More Than Wealth. Don't Settle For Less."

    VitaHealth remains true to its mission of "Enriching Lives". We believe that health is unquestionably more important than wealth. Hence, we have always been at the forefront in providing a comprehensive range of premium-quality, innovative health supplements to meet every individual's nutritional needs. With our consumers' wellbeing at heart, we meticulously select only the finest ingredients to ensure optimum product efficacy.

    Engaging in a philosophy to "think internationally but act locally", we are working diligently to develop products that are consistent with global trends while adopting and adapting them to suit the consumers' needs. All VitaHealth products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, predominantly in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The products comply with the respective countries' rules and regulations, such as the Drug Control Authorities (DCA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), with regards to product registration, formulations and labeling.