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      Biore Facial Foam Glowing Bright 100g
      • Cleans & exfoliates dull skin.
      • It contains White and Green Double Brightening Micro-Crushable beads with Green Tea extract that helps exfoliate dead skin cells while removing impurities and excess oil.
      • It is formulated with Vitamin C to help lighten skin for visibly brighter and even skin tone with a healthier glow.
      • For skin whitening.


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      Biore Facial Foam Deep Detoxify 100g
      • Formulated with bamboo charcoal to absorb excess oil and double scrub beads to flush away dirt and dead skin cells deep within the pores.
      • It also works on blackheads and blemishes, leaving skin healthier and looking brighter.
      • Cleanses deeply to remove dirt, oil, blackheads and dead skin cells for healthhy bright skin
      • Contain bamboo charcoal and vitamin c to absorb excessive oil and brighten the skin


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      Biore Facial Foam Anti-Blemish Smooth 100g
      • Contains micro crushable beads to effectively remove blemishes and blackheads for smoother & brighter skin.
      • Formulated antibacterial formula to help eliminate acne-causing bacteria with deep sea mineral to nourish your skin.
      • Remove blemishes and blackheads for smooth and bright skin
      • Helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria to nourish your skin


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      Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ 40ml
      • Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ is a lightweight facial sunscreen with sebum-absorbing powder for shine control.
      • It offers superior protection from harsh and harmful UVA and UVB rays and has a non-sticky texture with a sheer, natural finish.
      • It is also resistant against perspiration and water and suitable for daily use.
      RM40.60   30.40   25%
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      Biore Facial Foam Pure Mild 100g
      • Thoroughly removes oil and impurities at T-zone area while leaving essential skin moisture around the delicate U-zone to maintain skin's moisture balance.
      • Formulated with natural rice extract that helps to soften and lighten skin to reveal pure and even more supple skin.
      • Contains natural rice extract to helps soften and lighten skin
      • Revealing pure & even more supple skin
      RM16.70   12.50   25%
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